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Romania through the eyes of an Australian photographer

Romanian landscapeFor those passionate about photography, Romania offers a wide variety of shooting opportunities.  Some have been explored by Mitchell Karnashkevich, an Australian (judging from the phone number) travel photographer, who shares some of his impressions on his blog:

“I would have liked my trip to Maramures to have felt like a trip into a different world, into the past. It wasn’t quite like that, but as I drove my car through the mountains to the Hungarian border, passing old cattle herders in traditional hats, women collecting hay in their unique attires, all while being surrounded by some of the more dramatic scenery one is likely to encounter, I realized – Maramures is still special. It’s not what I wanted it to be, but that doesn’t make it any less special in relation to the rest of the world.”

You can read the full entry about Maramures here. Might want to check out his previous two articles too, the one on Holbav, a forgotten Transylvanian village, here, and some introductory impressions here.

At the End of the World

Cimitirul VeselThe morning starts when the bright rays of sun penetrate through the windows and tickle me into getting up.

I’ve been told that hitchhiking is pretty common in Maramureș (this region), so on the road towards Sighetu Marmației I thumb down a navy-blue BMW transporting two young guys to Sighet. They can’t speak much English (or other foreign languages, for that matter), but I am able to discern that they are big fans of Read more of this post

To the end of the world

Manastirea BarsanaMy host asks me again if I am sure that I really want to go „to the end of the world”. I am sure.

At the autogara, it is easy to find my bus, for it is the only one around. By the door of the bus, we meet a gentleman headed to Sighet, where he works though he resides in Piatra Neamț. He is a government servant who spends a couple of weeks at work, and then a week off at home. We chat a bit and board the bus when the driver arrives.

The bus snakes along the mountains lining River Bistrița through some scenic beauty Read more of this post