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A Romanian idea for an Oscar movie

Since primary school Romanian kids read, learn and study an old legend, a story that can be a good subject for a Hollywood horror movie.

It is about a builder in an impossible mission: Manole, a well known professional, promised the king to build the most beautiful and impressive monastery in a place where bad spirits lives. I would distribute Gerald Butler in his role.

The king is supposed to have been Neagoe Basarab (1512-1521) and the monastery he wanted is Curtea De Arges, located near Targoviste, Arges county.

The story is quite dramatic: everything that Manole and his team build during the day broke down in the night. It was exhausting, excruciating, frustrating and scary, for sure. In reality though, the works for this monastery were delayed for financial reasons, but this is not a good subject for a legend, isn’t it?

Back to our story: Manole had a dream, a scary one, of course, because the malefic spirits told him what to do if he really wants to finish his task. So he wakes up in the morning, scared but determined: he build the wall around his beloved wife, beautiful Ana. Literally. Don’t think she was ok with this: she cried, and cried but Manole had to Read more of this post

4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile – Review

While the website said that they were showing 4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile at Curzon Soho from today, it turns out that they aren’t after all. So I take the short tube ride on the Picadilly line to the Renoir in Russell Square.

The Renoir, I discover, is a decrepit old place and not in an artsy or charming sort of way. I am just over an hour early so I get the bitter £1.50 freetrade coffee and hang around in the empty “lounge” finishing off some “stuff”. When they open the screen 1 hall, there is another surprise – a pillar right in the middle of the hall, meaning the back few rows are practically useless, especially the middle aisle seats.

Patru Luni, my first movie of 2008, more than makes up for all that. It is the story of an extraordinary day in the life of Otilia, a polytechnic student living in a dorm in România of 1987. I have not seen Cristian Mungiu’s previous four movies, and judging by this one, I have missed out on some good cinema.

On one hand the movie is fascinating in that it provides a slight glimpse into what it might have been like to live in Ceauşescu’s România. While I am normally wary of learning about “other cultures” from movies, the “signs of the times” are a relatively safer pick. For instance, having to carry around an ID card everywhere for everything is an explicit sign. More subtly, the lingering undercurrent of fear and treachery is palpable throughout.

The film is even more captivating in Read more of this post