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Sânziene (some sort of Veela sisters)


Sanziene. Source: globusz.com

Romanians have at least 3 types of mythologic characters Harry Potter would call “Veela”. We’ve talked about the Rusalii, celebrated sometime after Easter; the Sânziene have their feast on June 24th.

According to legends, Sânzienele (or Drăgaica in Muntenia and Oltenia) are beautiful girls (obviously) who live in the forests or plains. They dance in circles and give special powers to weeds and flowers, turning them into healing plants for all kinds of diseases.

People say the night of the Sanziene, magic things happen, both good and evil forces reaching a climax. Fairies fly through the air, singing, Read more of this post


50 days after Easter, people celebrate Whitsuntide, for 3 days or a week (varies across regions).

In Romanian mythology the “rusalii” are crazy, frolicsome, merry maidens who make people lose their minds. (in Harry Potter terms, this sounds like a Veela; in Romania the translation for veela would be “iele”, with similar characteristics). The almost evil creatures have magic powers of seduction. They live in the air, in mountains, in chasms, rocks, caves, forests, on the shore, woods or clearings.

During the night, Read more of this post