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Luduş, off the beaten track

A small city lost in the Transylvanian hills, on the road from Târgu Mureş to Turda-Cluj, Luduş is completely off the touristic track. Even for Romanians – as for foreigners, I don’t know if you need more than two hands to count foreign tourists who’ve evere been there.

But for those related in any way to the place, it’s always a pleasure to come back.

Integrated in a typically Transylvanian landscape, the city spreads between hills, which, if you Read more of this post


I had very few images about Turda in my head. Knew that it has some chemical industry, a football team that won once the Romanian cup while playing in 2nd league, that it was an old roman city, and – that was about it. My cousin told me about the thermal baths, and then I remembered, they have some thermal springs, which are apparently now refurbished and quite popular with local and foreign tourists. It’s the only thing that’s animating the city right now; most of the industrial sites are in ruin, most young people are working abroad.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see the baths, had only 10 minutes in the center.

There is sort of Read more of this post

Târgu Mureş

Unlike Sighişoara, Târgu Mureş doesn’t have, at least in my books, too much of a “touristic” conotation. Top of mind I know only about the medicine univesity, and picture many blocks of flats. That is, till yesterday.

You can’t cover much in any city during a one-hour stay. Still, I think we covered much of the essentials, the historic center

consisting mainly Read more of this post