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Top Gear Ro-maniacs

December 1st is the Romanian National Day. At midnight, all vampires get together, celebrate, hold speeches and do crazy voodoo dances. We mean politicians, of course. Ok, maybe not at midnight, but at midday, and ok, voodoo dances are admittedly rare nowadays, they do however get together, celebrate and hold speeches. Boring demagogic speeches you find with most politicians around the world. Especially around election time, when things get heated and partially insane.

So that is NOT how WE are going to celebrate it here. We choose a rather different companionship, 3 funny Brits in 3 awesome cars, in Romania. What a cocktail. A Lamborghini, a Ferrari and of course an Aston Martin. These Gears guys were given the task to do a Top Gear show in Romania. As we expected, they declared that what they found was not what they expected. Mostly in a good way.

Enjoy their candid impressions in the first part of the show below: