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Why Romania is worth the trip

“It rained almost the whole time, a bone-chilling drizzle. We lost our rental car reservation because my husband and I showed up without our driver’s licenses. I cracked my ribs on a waterslide. But in the end, Romania was our best family vacation yet.

Last fall we decided to pack up our three elementary-school-age children for a week in Bucharest and Transylvania. We mapped out a journey that included a couple of days in the nation’s capital city as well as a road trip to Brasov and into the Carpathian Mountains.

Why Romania? That’s the question all of our friends asked, those who bothered to give voice to what their raised eyebrows were already saying when we told them our destination. To them, it seemed an odd spot for a European vacation. But we wanted something a little off the beaten path, and we were in search of more time in nature than we thought destinations like London or Madrid could offer.”




8 centuries of craftsmanship

“As one wanders beyond the Carpathians as travelling from the South, he enters a different world, including from an architectural perspective. Old houses, with red tile roofs, high and imposing front gates, big framed windows on the street facing wall which are the eyes and the ears of the household spreading behind the gate, often embellished by beautiful ornaments and motifs, are part of the Transylvanian cultural identity. If we have recently spoken about Saxon painted furniture, here is a close curios look at some Saxon style houses, old buildings but full of charm.”



Move to Transylvania

Yes, that Transylvania.

More details here: http://www.transylvaniabeyond.com/

Bran Castle

Transylvania at 5am

“I like to use the rich morning and evening light for a dramatic effect. Waking up at 5 AM, searching for a view-point, waiting for the perfect light and finding an outstanding element in the landscape around me – that’s my perfect recipe for transposing my feelings and my mood into a simple photo.”

Maramureș county early mornings, with Alex Robciuc, here: http://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-transylvanian-landscapes/

alexrobciuc.wix.com, via boredpanda.com

The Daily Mirror discovers Transylvania

Sighisoara, Transylvania“I wandered through cobblestone streets, dazzled by the colourful medieval and renaissance architecture, the citadels on the hillsides looking down, picture-perfectly framed by the forested mountain standing tall behind.

It could have been Germany’s Rhineland or Bavaria – but I was in Romania and this was Transylvania.

Nestled amongst the peaks and plains of the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania was once on the wild edges of Europe.”
More here:


Henry and Henry’s adventure in Transylvania

“It was just a little past midnight when our airplane landed in Transylvania and our taxi made its way to our Inn at the heart of Cluj Napoca. It was, alas, not a particularly dark or particularly stormy night, and the locals in the Inn did not stare it me strangely, did not offer me crucifix or garlic necklaces, but otherwise, this was the fantasy of a boy who grew up reading Famous Monsters of Filmland and reading about the “Historic Dracula” come true.”

Read more about Henry and Henry’s amazing adventure in Transylvania here:


10 things about Transylvania

“Transylvania is best known as the mysterious land of bloodthirsty vampires and howling wolves. Some may think it’s fictional, but the central Romanian region is a real place. And it’s pretty special, too.
Bordered to the east by the Carpathian Mountains, ‘the land beyond the forest’ still feels undiscovered. So, pack your garlic – here’s the lowdown on one of Eastern Europe’s most captivating regions.”

Here are 10 things Lonely Planet things you should know before visiting Transylvania:


Mystical tales from Transylvania

Sighisoara_26.12.2012A fresh one from the BBC:

“It’s a freezing midwinter evening just outside the Transylvanian village of Miklósvár, and the forest is eerily quiet. Icicles dangle from the branches and silver blades of sunlight filter through the conifers, casting the forest floor in an iridescent glow. Apart from the crackle of the campfire and the stamp of horses’ hooves, there’s not a sound to break the wintry silence. It’s then that Count Tibor Kálnoky begins to tell the tale of the first time he visited the village witch.”

The full story, here: http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20130114-mystical-tales-from-transylvania/1

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Count on Transylvania

Like our friend the Maverick noticed, there are people in England who seem NOT to believe that all Romanians are vampires. While we will be working at converting the confused, here is a quote and a link to her report of the encounter:

“Transylvania conjures up images of moonlit Gothic castles and lost-in-time villages and has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. But the visits of Prince Charles to the region and his recent revelation that he can trace his lineage back to Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula, has catapulted Transylvania somewhat unexpectedly into the spotlight.”

Read the whole article here.

Prince Charles in Transylvania

Financial Times recently featured an extensive article about Transylvania – “Europe’s last medieval landscape”. It refers, among other topics, to Prince Charles’ activities in the area. As you may or may have not known, he owns a few houses and is involved in numerous initiatives aiming to preserve the “natural/economic” balance of the region. Unfortunately, FT asks readers to NOT quote from the article, so therefore – you’re invited to read it in full by clicking here.