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Salty beauty

“Salt is infinitely useful – from adding taste to food to keeping our roads clear of ice – yet it is all too easy to take for granted. How many of us have thought of it as beautiful? Well it is – and just look at what miners in Romania have managed to do with it.

At first this video appears to be footage from the set of a long-lost Ridley Scott sci-fi film, but the vast white chambers are in fact part of a 17th century Turda salt mine near Cluj, Romania.”

See it here:



I had very few images about Turda in my head. Knew that it has some chemical industry, a football team that won once the Romanian cup while playing in 2nd league, that it was an old roman city, and – that was about it. My cousin told me about the thermal baths, and then I remembered, they have some thermal springs, which are apparently now refurbished and quite popular with local and foreign tourists. It’s the only thing that’s animating the city right now; most of the industrial sites are in ruin, most young people are working abroad.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see the baths, had only 10 minutes in the center.

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