this is still under construction. some fundamentals:

Geographic view:

Bucureşti (Bucharest, down South) (webcam)

  • Medieval Centre (Curtea Veche)
  • Parliament Palace – 2nd largest building in the world
  • Museums: Cotroceni Palace, National Art Museum, Art Collections museum
  • Parks (Herăstrău, Cişmigiu)

Transylvania (Centre)

  • Cities: Braşov (webcam), Sibiu (webcam), Sighişoara (webcam), Cluj-Napoca (webcam)
  • Medieval: Fortified churches (Biertan, Viscri, Hărman, Malâncrav, Prejmer, Saschiz, Apold, etc.)
  • Nature: Apuseni mountains, with their natural caves (Scărişoara with its underground glacier is a must)

Maramures (North)

  • Monateries: Barsana
  • Cities: Sighetu Marmatiei, for Memorialul Durerii museum and Merry Cemetery (Sapanta, 20km)

Moldova (East)

  • Cities: Iasi
  • Medieval: Neamtului Fortress
  • Scenic: Bicaz Lake, Ceahlau Mountain

Bucovina (North East)

  • Cities: Suceava
  • Painted Monasteries (UNESCO world heritage, “1000 places to see before you die” list): Voronet, Sucevita, Moldovita, Putna

Wallachia (South)

  • Cities: Targoviste, Curtea de Arges
  • Monasteries: Horezu, Tismana

Dobrogea (South-East)

  • Danube Delta (UNESCO world heritage – fantastic place for nature lovaz)
  • Cities: Constanta, Histria
  • Black Sea coast

Banat (South West)

2 responses to “Touristique

  1. A;ex October 21, 2013 at 17:20

    The reason I agree with the statement ”All Romanians are Vampires” .. Ok, not all, let’s say the majority… is that I have spent a long time in Romania, many years, and I have never failed to be suprised, after everything I have seen, by the depravity of Romanians. I believe that the idea vampries coming from Romania and the idea that Transylvania is a scary place in Western legend is based on foreigners experiences in the area. I don’t care how ”smart” they may be what Romanians almost always are not is KIND. The people, in general, simply are not good natured. I don’t consider myself an angel but I feel like one, when I contrast my behavior with those of people that I have come in contact with, in almost every scenario, in Romania. Again, all due respect to the exceptions..that prove the rule.
    Let us not forget that the natural beauty in parts of Romania is not a creation of the Romanians. It was gifted to them and they have been fairly poor stewards of it.
    Romanians have a superficial religiousity but zero spirituality. I am not a religous zealot but I recall a verse in the Bible in the Book of James that refers to people who may know the truth but it doesn’t impact their actions. James said that the devils in hell are the same way. I believe that the concept of devils and deamons in Transylvania may well be based on the experiences of travelers here in the last centuries and during more religous times. If I were to place a bet on a Romanian doing the right or wrong thing — I would ALWAYS bet on the wrong this..on the evil choice. I would occassionaly be wrong but my winnings would be substantial.
    I believe that as a Moldovan explained to me the Romanians have a type of inner darkness. I don’t believe that this will change..just that some people from Romania will break free.

  2. Sophie January 28, 2015 at 00:59

    What a kind observation!

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